Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Turnoffs

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I wasn’t actually planning to do this TTT but then I read a book with a huge turn off, so I decided to dive into the fray.

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So here are ten book turn offs:

  1. Completely unexpected plot elements: I just read a book that I though would be a nice light steampunk mystery. Then a time traveler showed up. I was so annoyed I almost didn’t finish.
  2. Middle books with too much or too little recap: This is a hard balance but I hate books that demand a re-read (except Megan Whalen Turner books because she can do no wrong) or books that recap so much you practically read the first book every time (I call this “The Baby Sitters’ Club Problem).
  3. Vague narrators: Don’t spend the whole book alluding to some TERRIBLE THING. Just tell me about it on page five when you first mention it so we can both get on with our lives and more interesting plot points.
  4. Vague plots: One time I read a book where a character had a secret. He said he had it on page one. At the end of the book I still had no idea what that secret was because the story was too subtle and vague.
  5. Unconvincing Romantic Leads: No. Instant love is not allowed. No, I do not believe that you fell in love with that person at first sight.
  6. Unconvincing Love Triangles: There are maybe five books I can think of where a love triangle actually works. Mostly they don’t because they are annoying.
  7. Cliffhanger endings: There is no reason to have zero resolution just because your book is in the middle of a series. Stop that.
  8. Unconvincing premise/elements: I’m a close reader. If I find something unconvincing (character with a missing hand without phantom pain, character from X town with faulty geography of that town) I will not be amused.
  9. Weird character names: Unless you’re writing a very convincing fantasy or otherwise compelling story, I am going to judge you when every character has an outlandish name.
  10. Unconvincing dialog/voice: This is a very individual one and hard to pin down, but if the voice or dialog doesn’t work for me it’s usually a good reason to set a book aside.

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The Giving Thanks Book Blogger Box Swap: Info and Sign Ups

Nicole the Book Bandit and I were talking the other day about a Box Swap she saw on youtube. One thing led to another. And we decided we wanted to host a book blogger box swap.

Basically it’s like a secret santa exchange except, because it’s in November, we’re calling it the Giving Thanks Book Blogger Box Swap.

So here’s what you need to know:

The swap is open to any US based book bloggers. What that means is you need to be a book blogger to sign up and you need to have a US mailing address from which to send and receive your box. The box is also meant to include fun non-book gifts (thus the long form to provide info) as well as (if you say you want one!) books.

Signs ups will run through 11:59pm EST on October 31, 2013.

Nicole and I will be making matches in the first week of November. You should receive your match by November 9, 2013 (ideally November 7 but the 9th at latest).

All Packages should be mailed by November 16, 2013–that is a firm deadline.

The spending limit for this box swap is $15.00

If you want to sign up, please fill out the form below. Give as much information as possible–your swap partner will be using the info to find cool stuff to send you! (Confidential information like your email and address will, of course, remain private and be treated with the utmost care).

If you have any question you can write to the swap email: GivingThanksBoxSwap AT yahoo DOT com

You can also find us on twitter @SecretBoxSwap

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