Two Strikes: In Which I Outline a New Reading Strategy

I think I’m a book hoarder, dear readers.

While that isn’t inherently a problem, it does sometimes overwhelm me. With so many amazing new books always being published and so many classics I haven’t read yet and so many other books that fall somewhere in between it gets overwhelming.

Right now, according to goodreads, my to read list includes 239 books–a surprising number of which are already in my house. (True story: I think my “to be read” bookcase is currently larger than my “books I’ve read” shelving.)

Anyway, I like order and I like to be realistic about what I will and won’t get to. So I’m initiating a couple of reading strategies:

  1. Every book gets 50 pages. If I don’t like it enough or care enough to continue after that, I don’t have to.
  2. Skimming is okay. Sometimes you just want to finish a book to know what happens: no more, no less. And that’s okay by me.
  3. Not all books are for everyone. And it’s okay to know that and admit a premise just isn’t appealing.

And here’s the big one, the one for which this post is titled:

I’m instituting a two strike policy. I will try two books by any author I want to read. If neither of those books impress me (three if two of them are from the same series), I’m going to give up trying books by that author. While I’d love to read everything, life is just too short and it isn’t fair to me, or the author really, to keep trying to read books when something about the writing doesn’t click.

So those are my reading plans moving forward.

What about you? Do you have any reading strategies to get through your dangerously high TBR piles?

One thought on “Two Strikes: In Which I Outline a New Reading Strategy

  1. I have a great strategy…don’t let the piles of books that surround me get so big that they fall over and suffocate me while I’m sleeping. Seems to be working. :-)

    Seriously though, this is great. I know I personally have trouble giving up on a book and I need to be better about that. It is just so hard because some authors need more pages to make things click so I’m scared to walk away too soon. But I like you’re style on this one.

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