5 Reasons You Should Be Watching “Mr. Selfridge”

PBS started broadcasting a new series this month called Mr. Selfridge. It is my new favorite thing.

Here are five reasons you should be watching it:

  1. Jeremy Piven: Who doesn’t love Jeremy Piven? He stars here as Mr. Selfridge and is his usual wonderful self. He is also surrounded by a superb supporting cast. This is an ensemble show that works because of the great actors.
  2. The Story: Set in 1908 this is a story about American Mr. Selfridge who moves to England with is family to build and open the first department store. (Think Macy’s or Harrods.) It might be because I love department stores but watching the stories of the store and the employees unfold is fascinating.
  3. It’s historical: As  I said, it’s set in 1908 so you know the costumes and sets are going to be fantastic!
  4. The Writing: Based on real events (and a book chronicling those real events) this is the kind of story that is almost too amazing to be true. Selfridge puts an airplane in the store, Anna Pavlova visits the store, there are affairs, drunken parents, romantic tension, and hats–so many hats. After the premier, episodes run an hour and they pack in so much excitement and plot and wonderfulness that it’s impossible to believe a full hour has passed by the time the end credits start to roll.
  5. It’s Just That Good: I love this show and I fully expect it to only gain in popularity as others realize how great it is. You should get in on the ground floor and start watching now BEFORE everyone else starts asking you about it.

Mr. Selfridge airs Sunday nights at 9pm Eastern on PBS.

You can watch all of the previously aired episodes (and get more info on the show) at PBS’s website here: http://video.pbs.org/video/2364998239