In which I pat my own back

I just want to take a minute to say how happy I am with myself for staying on top of this “blogging every day for a month” thing. It’s been hard at times but I’m happy with how I’ve been doing (even if I have not managed quite as many poetry posts as I had initially hoped–there’s still time, right?).

I’ve also made a very small but important breakthrough in getting on track with reviews and books I have to read.

As some of you know, I get review books from Amazon’s Vine program. Their site policies are changing in the near future and, without boring you with details, I had roughly 10 books to get through reading and reviewing by May 15. Today I have One. Book. Left.

I also have reviews and interviews scheduled through July. And I’m planning for my blog’s birthday in August which will mean another giveaway and rolling out a new feature here. Plus I’m planning for this year’s BEA and yes that involves a spreadsheet.

None of this is particularly useful in “real” life where I am still hunting for gainful employment (versus part-time) but it’s a start. And when everything gets crazy it’s somewhat comforting to be able to point to this small piece of my life and say “This is under control.”

What did you get under control this week? Or what are you looking forward to working on next?