A (tiny) poem I wrote about opposites and attraction

Since it is National Poetry month I decided to step outside of my own comfort zone and post some of my own poems on this blog. A lot of my friends know I write poems but I don’t have a lot of friends who write it themselves so it sometimes becomes weird sending them to people.

Sometimes it also feels like people see “poem” format and automatically assume it must be directly related to me or about me when, most of the time, it doesn’t work like that at all. For me it’s usually more like writing scenes of a story but maybe I’m the minority. It’s not like there’s one right way to write.

Anyway, here’s the poem. I like that it’s tiny and I like how the title tells you more about the “story” of the verse.

Maybe Opposites Shouldn’t Attract

I have a feeling

I don’t fit

into your tidy

ordered life

(This poem is an original work by me. Copyrighted. Please don’t steal it.)