In which I have fun with nail decals

A couple of weeks ago I won a blog giveaway hosted by Andi of Andi’s ABCs. (I really enjoy Andi’s blog because it has my favorite things–books and accessories–and she’s great to talk to on Twitter too. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and call her a Twitter friend! So you should check out her blog.)

Anyway she was giving away a box of Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I think of them as decals but Sally Hansen calls them nail polish strips.

The print there is called “Tri-bal it On” and that image is via Target. But they’re also available at Duane Reade, Amazon and I’d imagine most places that sell nail polish.

Here’s the cool thing about them: these aren’t fake nails. They’re pieces of nail polish that you peel and stick/burnish onto your nail. While it’s a bit daunting at first the whole process is actually quite simple. When Andi did her own manicure she used the decal as an accent nail with black nail polish.

I was really excited when I got the decals in the mail and I had planned on doing a silver manicure with an accent nail. (My nails are tiny–especially my pinkies–so I didn’t really think the decals would fit all of my nails anyway but it turns out a pack includes 16 strips in tons of sizes so it wasn’t a problem.)

But then I applied one nail and it was really easy! And then I showed my mom and she thought they were the coolest thing ever. So she told me I should do a full manicure. So I did.

And I took pictures to show you, dear readers. (At which point I discovered photographing your own hand is kind of weird but that’s a whole different post.)



So far the manicure is holding up great (I used a clear top coat just in case and no chips almost a week after application). The edges of the polish near my cuticles are coming up on some nails but I’m not sure if that’s typical wear or me messing up the application somehow. I’ve been getting tons of compliments and really enjoy the overall look–it may even have been faster than a typical manicure.

The really fun thing is since there are 16 strips in the pack I still have six decals left to play with as accent nails.