In which I get some lovely gifts and promise some others.

It may not be Christmas yet but I’ve already gotten some early gifts that I get to share here on the blog.

First, I partipated in Reddit’s  secret santa gift exchange which was interesting as it also introduced me to Reddit. (I understand about 30% of it as this point I think.)

I have no idea who my santa was BUT I have gotten this delightful print:

reddit print gift

Since you, dear readers, are my people most of you will already recognize this print for what it is: The Police Call Box from Dr. Who printed on a dictionary page. I love dictionary page prints. And I’m fond of the call box in Dr. Who. (I like Dr. Who but I stopped watching after Donna Noble’s departure because OMG DONNA NOBLE.)

This year I also participated in the Cold Nights and Warm Books holiday swap which was a blast. I had so much fun putting together my gift and got a very lovely gift myself. Thank you so much to Enna at Squeaky Books and Emily at Emily’s Reading Room for putting this together.

Then, of course, thank you to Mariah at A Reader’s Adventure for my wonderful gift!

(And of course read on for pictures!)


Since this was a book swap, books are to be expected. Mariah was very generous sending not only Book of a Thousand Days and The Last Dragonslayer (both of which I’m looking forward to reading) but also pre-ordering Paper Valentine for me!


Then I also got a ton of cool postcard and bookmarks (including a signed one for The Archived, yay!), two rubber bracelets (the green one is for Beautiful Redemption and I’m wearing it right now), and some adorable penguin cookies.

Thanks again Mariah!

Also, in a very serendipitous turn of events, my swap package from the Book Blogger Holiday Swap came the same day I was exchanging gifts with Nicole of the Book Bandit’s blog. I say serendipitous because that swap did not run quite as smoothly this year and also because for that swap I was giving gifts to Nicole, my real life friend as regular readers might know. How crazy is all of that timing and matching!?

Thank you so much to Steph of The Fake Steph for my lovely gifts. She sent me a beautiful, soft, handmade purple scarf that is as warm and comfy as it looks, a copy of Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel, which I get more excited about every time I see it, and a chocolate orange which I am very eager to try.


Thanks again Steph!

Now for the gifts I’m promising:

My blog is getting very close to 100,000 views. When that happens I’m going to be doing a couple of things:

First: As always I will be giving away books. This includes an ARC of Prodigy, a signed ARC of The Raven Boys and some other cool books that you will definitely want.

Second: I over-estimated my holiday swap gifts so I have two wrapped mystery books to give away as part of the 100k celebration. ALSO if you happen to visit the blog and catch the stat counter at 100,000 and send me a screen shot–that’s an auto-win. Instant mystery book. Currently the blog is hovering near 96,450 views so I’m hoping to hit 100k in February. (January would be more exciting but I don’t want to over-reach.)

So there you have it! Thank you again so, so much to my lovely gift givers. I hope you all get equally lovely things this holiday season.

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