Folded Book Sculpture – Pointed Cylinder (From Our Gift Cottage)

UPDATE: This item has sold! You can see all of the book sculptures currently for sale on eBay:

This is a semi-regular feature here on the blog exhibiting different handmade items available for sale at the online shops my mom and I have: Diane and Emma’s Gift Cottage on Etsy and Diane and Emma’s Gift Cottage on eBay. (She’s Diane and I’m Emma. We make things–together!)

Recently I got into the making folded books–which are exactly what they sound like: books where the pages are individually folded to create a design. It started when my mom wanted one. Then I fell in love. And now we have a bunch for sale that we’d love to share with other book lovers out there.

Any book sculpture is a great gift for a bibliophile or anyone looking for some unique art for their wall or table top.

My book sculptures are an especially great gift idea right now because they are for sale at crazy discounts right now. The one below is up for auction on eBay starting at $9.99–that’s under ten dollars for an incredibly unique and (in my slightly biased opinion) lovely gift!

Folded Book Art Sculpture Pointed Cylinder Origami Column Straw into Gold by Gary D. Schmidt 13″ by 9″ by 5″ high

This beauty is an altered hard cover book that has been up cycled into a 3D sculptural art piece of a half cylinder with a pointed diamond detail.

The book is titled is Straw Into Gold by Gary D. Schmidt. It measures about 13″ across by 9″ inches by 5″ inches high.

This piece can be displayed flat (as shone) or on the wall using a plate hanger.

The bold gold endpapers and purple cloth binding add a pop of color (in Syltherin colors–just saying). The perfect gift for the book lover in your life.

Since Straw Into Gold is also a retelling of the story of Rumpelstiltskin it would also be a fun gift for anyone who is a fan of fairy tales!

Find this sculpture on ebay:

Also on Etsy:

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