And we are back

So I was going to write a big post about my experiences with Hurricane Sandy complete with pictures. But the truth is getting back online and back to normal was a lot more work than I expected. It also feels wrong somehow to be harping on my experiences and problems when there are so many people still struggling without power or homes in more affected areas.

So here’s a brief explanation just in case anyone was wondering what happened to Chick Lit Wednesday last week:

The lights went out in my apartment building (and neighborhood) the night Sandy landed. They stayed off for five days. It was very cold and very dark, but I was lucky because my building had running water and I had my mom for company. Towards the end it got hard because there was no food in our area and we were running out in our house as well. The darkness was also hard to take because of all of the obvious reasons and also because I am afraid of the dark at the best of times.

But, like I said, a lot of people have it worse. (If you can donate your time or goods or money, there are a lot of people who still need help.)

What I will take the time to say is that the whole ordeal without power and the subsequent return to normalcy reminded me that I have a lot to be grateful for even when things get rough. Electricity and hot water and heat are amazing things. Waking up at 4:30 in the morning to find all of three returned after five days is even more amazing.

I am also truly lucky to have a lot of friends who checked in on me during the storm and who I could reach out to when I needed to talk. It’s no small thing to know there are people in the world thinking about you. The storm was good for little else, but it showed me that I matter to a lot of people and that I’m not alone. It also reminded me, when I was ready to climb the walls, that I have people in my life who make me smile. That’s no small thing either.

If you’re reading this post, I hope you’re doing so in a warm, well-lighted room knowing that you are loved.

(Normal posting will, of course, now resume. I read two books during the blackout and have some others stewing in my “to review” pile among other posts that I should have more time to get to in the next few days or weeks.)