Book Giveaway: Boy + Bot[CLOSED]

In addition to awesomely answering my questions during our interview (not to mention writing a super fun picture book!) Ame Dyckman very graciously offered to provide a signed copy of Boy + Bot for me to giveaway on the blog along with some cool Boy + Bot swag (swag translates to a super cool Boy + Bot bracelet, sticker, bookmark and mini frisbee!).

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of this one so trust me when I say you really want to enter this giveaway.

The giveaway will run until September 2, 2012 so you have a week to enter! (This giveaway is open to the US only.)

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below stating why you want to win (with a valid email in the email form field)

14 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Boy + Bot[CLOSED]

  1. I would love to win Boy + Bot because our school is looking for books that highlight unique friendships and share multiple perspectives. We are starting the year with Wonder and want companion books that reinforce the theme of being kind and accepting. Thank you for the opportunity.


  2. Our school would love to have a signed copy of Boy +Bot! Creating enthusiasm for reading is the central part of my job as librarian, and having a signed copy of this book to present to the kids would ne amazing! Ame’s story has created a lot of buzz in the children’s book community, and I am looking forward to getting a copy soon. My 2012-13 budget was slashed by 70% this year, and any chance of winning this book, especially a signed copy, would be greatly appreciated.


  3. So many reasons why our library would love a copy. Some are financial, our budget was cut 70% this year, but mostly because of Ame. Anyone who finds a blank purple post it note and brings it home to check for invisible ink is a fun, creative person. I want books written by that type of person in our library. It is on my list to purchase, but I would love to win a copy for the kids. Thanks for the chance!


  4. Sorry, I commented twice. I am all over the place trying to think of ways to get great books for the library and didn’t realize I had already entered!
    an overly enthusiastic librarian.


  5. I would love to have an autographed copy of BOY + BOT for West Vigo Elementary students to check out of our school library!


  6. I want to win Boy and Boy so I can use it as a give away and entice teachers to come and visit me in my new ” Literacy Lounge” as I am the new literacy specialist at the school! I also plan on Skyping with Ame and some of the teachers to introduce Skype to teachers so that might be another way to use it . . Sign up to For a Skype visit and be put in the drawing to win the book. Hmmm lots of ways to use a free book – LOL!


  7. The students and staff in our school would love a signed copy of Boy + Bot to add to our collection. The story really emphasizes the importance of taking care of each other.


  8. Winning this book would support my efforts in brining exciting new books to staff at my school. Ame has written a book that is not only fun to read but it is great to hear read aloud. Also, I can get the buzz going about Ame as an author. Can’t wait for her next book, “Tea Party Rules”!


  9. Thank you, Miss Print, for hosting this giveaway! And thank you, friends, for entering! If you didn’t win but would like BOY + BOT stickers and bookmarks for your classroom, library, or kids/grandkids, just give me a shout on Twitter. :)


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