Blog Fifth Birthday

As of this posting, is five years old. I still can’t believe it’s been so long or that I have finally achieved such a lovely sounding milestone. I say it every year, but I really wouldn’t be here without you, dear readers. So thank you again for making it so enjoyable to run this blog.

Here’s to another great year!

I’ll leave you with some end of year statistics (cumulative):

Total Pages: 7 (This year saw the addition of my beautiful review index pages organized either by author or title)

Total Posts: 902 (+105)

Categories: 9 (down three from last year as I consolidated some extraneous categories)

Author Interview (15)     Book Lists (13)     Book Reviews (376)     Chit Chat (329)     From our Gift Cottage (18)     Graphic Novel/Comic Book Reviews (7)     Linktastic! (45)     Non-Fiction Book Reviews (12)     Picture Book Reviews (19)     Quotes (126)     Random Polls (7)     Words of Wisdom (36)

Tags: 687 (I didn’t think I’d ever see the day but this year marked the start of tagged posts on the blog)

Total Comments: 887

Widgets: 16

Total views: 87,601 (roughly 22,600 views over the past year. I am floored.)

Busiest day: 308 (June 2, 2010–still. I really need to get Cassie Clare to link to another one of my posts!)

Total Spam Comments: 18,198 (a little less than 8,000) spam comments over the past year)

Don’t forget to enter my celebratory giveaway while you’re here! (The giveaway is now updated with a very special enticement!)

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