I Spoke to Jack Davenport Last Week OR How I Randomly Helped a Really Famous Guy at Work Last Week

Exactly one week ago, on July 12, 2012, I was in the same building as Jack Davenport. Better, I was close enough to touch him. Better still, I had a conversation with him (sort of *cough*). For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, Jack Davenport is an actor. He played Norrington in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and more recently has been playing the director, Derek Wills, on the television series Smash.

Jack Davenport as James Norrington

I currently work in a bookstore. Jack Davenport came into that book store. And he bought books. While I was at the cash register. When I heard him talking, I thought that voice sounded familiar. Then, upon closer examination, I realized he sounded familiar because he was Jack Davenport. I swiped his credit card and rang up the purchase and gave him a reusable tote bag (which he thought was very nice). I also probably stared and turned bright red. BUT I think you can all agree that means we are connected now and, though he may not remember me at all we will always be linked thanks to those books and that tote bag.

This is probably what Jack Davenport looks like whenever he thinks about his wonderful books and reusable tote bag. (Not really. Or is it?!)

It was all very exciting despite my not really saying much or actually telling him I knew who he was. But I still grin every time I think about it or tell anyone about it. I’m grinning right now, dear readers. It was amazing. It was particularly entertaining when I explained the incident to my mom: Miss Print: “I just saw Jack Davenport at work!!” Mom: “Who?” MP: “He plays director Derek on Smash.” Mom: “. .  . He’s the creepy one who sleeps with all the women?” MP: “Um . . . yeah.” So there you have it.