Enchanted Chocolate Pot Blog Fest: The Revised Letter (And It’s Reply!)

Last week I talked about my love for Sorcery and Cecelia and shared Patricia C. Wrede’s original version of Cecy’s first letter to Kate.

Today I have the revised version to share as well as Kate’s response (as written by Caroline Stevermer) to celebrate the release of ebook editions from the publisher

Here’s a snippet of Cecy’s revised letter:

You can also download this pdf of the full letter: Cecy’s Revised Letter

What I like is how the basic structure of the letter remains the same in both. It’s the subtle changes and additions that help flesh out Cecy and Kate’s unique version of England along with some subtle reordering. The two versions really show how far editing can take a piece of writing.

And, for further entertainment, here is a snippet of Kate’s reply:

As well as a downloadable pdf of the full letter: Kate’s First Reply

*Thanks to Sarah Murphy at Open Road Media for telling me about this.