Ho-Ho-Holiday Swap: In which I present my . . . presents

I haven’t been that great with non-review posts (or tweets to be honest) BUT I have been fully entrenched in some good old fashioned Holiday Cheer. One relatively new tradition for me has been participating in the Book Blogger Holiday Swap each year.

I am happy to say I have on good authority that my gifts were well-received and I am also happy to say here that I’m simply delighted by the gifts I received as part of this year’s swap from Christi the Teen Librarian.

I’m trying to get back into taking pictures again so I submit for your enjoyment some photos of my swap gifts.  (Now might also be a good time to mention I still love getting mail, even as an adult, so I was very excited to not just see a box for me but a BIG box when this package arrived.) Inside the box I found a festive Santa gift bag:

Inside the bag I found many festively wrapped gifts:

And inside all of those wrapped packages I found . . .

  • An Eeyore Christmas Card (Eeyore and Tigger are my favorites from Winnie the Pooh!)
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas book and tree kit (I have a mini collection of mini books)
  • A glittery jingle bell Christmas tree (which was immediately put into a place of honor among our other Christmas decorations–it fits right in)
  • Not one but two fabulous pairs of seasonal socks (I only wear socks with fun designs now and I was looking to fill a void for Christmas themed socks so I was really excited about these)
  • A beautiful initial bookmark (it doesn’t show up super well in the photo but trust me, it’s really cool)
  • And, of course I got books. Because it’s a book blogger holiday swap and that’s how we roll. Now I have a shiny arc of How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr and an even shinier copy of Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins (which I am SO excited to read because I loved Anna and the French Kiss).

Thanks again for all of the lovely gifts Christi!

I end this post that everyone receives equally lovely gifts from their friends and family (and secret santas!) this holiday season.

One thought on “Ho-Ho-Holiday Swap: In which I present my . . . presents

  1. Your gifts were indeed well received! I’ve already read Shatter Me! lol. If you want to check my blog later today, I’m working on getting the post up on what you sent me! Thanks again, enjoy your awesome gifts, and have a wonderful Christmas!


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