On swapping books online

I love giving away books on here but my restrictive postage budget prevents giveaways from being a regular feature of the blog. However, being a book reviewer, I have a constant and often very large influx of books. Since the books keep coming, they also need to keep going out.

Previously I had been using the bookswap feature on Goodreads which, much to my dismay, is closing at the end of this month.

My main criteria in finding a replacement swap site was that I never had to pay postage to ship books. Since I already am giving the books away and rarely request books in return I had no desire to pay upwards of three dollars for every book I sent out into the world. That one requirement made my final decision surprisingly easy: My research yielded only one book swap site where senders did not pay postage up front. That site was Bookins.

The interface is inferior, the site takes a long time to load, and the process for listing ARCs (advanced reader copies) is more involved without being more effective. BUT I can list as many books as I want (ARCs included) and I do not have to deal with anyone–I just say I’m ready to ship a book and print the postage for free through their site (which someone else has “purchased” for a flat $4.99 fee). The major downside is that Bookins requires a credit card number and they do threaten to charge you for the postage if you print a label and fail to ship the book within 48 hours. But, once again, I don’t pay postage up front.

As I am sure some of you are also looking for a book swap site, I thought I’d share my latest find of Bookins.

You can view my swap list on Bookins as well.