Tags have come to Miss Print (one last post about changes to the blog)

I’m always unclear about how many regular readers I have who actually spend time on my blog as opposed to just reading through an RSS reader but if you are one of those readers you might have noticed some wacky changes going on here at Miss Print during the past few weeks.

First and foremost, my review indices are actually usable now. You can view them by author or by title. In addition, I’ve also organized my Interview index in a similar fashion. It’s not as impressive because the feature is newer but eventually I hope the organization there will also become vitally useful.

After that was done, and I had some time to do some soul searching, I decided to add tags to the blog.

I can say now that all of my book reviews, interviews, book lists and some other posts have been tagged (not all because I’m crazy but not certifiably so). I’ve added a lot of features retroactively (book cover images, possible pairings, year of publication, amazon links, and even the original review index). Not one of those was as horribly painful to complete as this tagging. It took forever, I thought I’d never finish. Even when I thought I was done, I wasn’t done. There was more to do.

When I was truly, finally, done I didn’t look at the blog for a week because the thought of dealing with any of it was too horrible. But I’m back now and things are, I hope, better organized and appealing for all of my toils. (So far the only change aside from more work seems to be more spam comments sadly.)

On every book review post you can expect to find tags for: author, pub. year, publisher, key themes or other information I deem appropriate and necessary. Other posts follow similar guidelines. Some tags are obvious (“vampires) while others like “reference” might be more obtuse (reference: basically anything I did research for or that I deem valuable information). Some tags like “charming conmen (and conwomen!) are just funny. We’ll see how it goes.

Categories are also a tag fixture. In the midst of this my “Chit Chat” category absorbed the previous “Words of Wisdom” and “Random Poll” categories. “Quotes” might eventually go the same way but since I don’t feel like dealing with it right now those posts get a pass.

My sidebar now has a tag cloud which, I believe, is the only WordPress option for displaying tags. The thing I’m happiest about is that my Chick Lit Wednesday posts now have their own tag so they can all hang out together. Most surprising was my need for a “chickens” tag and the fact that it has received multiple posts already.

Anyway, I’m feeling all kinds of accomplished having all of this finally be done and I hope some readers out there find the changes helpful in some small way.

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