Miss Print Book Club Poll: November 2011

It’s that time again, help pick what my online book club will read for November and December.

More information about the book club can be found on its wiki: http://missprint.wikispaces.com/

Right now you have to be a wikispaces member (and confirm your email/real person-ness with me) to join in on the discussion. The club is currently on a two month schedule.

In September and October we are reading Clarity by Kim Harrington.

Vote in the poll below for what you want to read in November and December (and if you aren’t yet a member please consider joining–it’s fun!):

Blog 4th Birthday Book Giveaway Winners!

Okay, dear readers, we have some winners for my Blog 4th Birthday Book Giveaway. If you are listed below, you have already received an email notification. If I do not here back from winners by September 3rd I will pick a new winner for any unclaimed Prize Packs.

*drum roll*

Prize Pack #1: Haley

Prize Pack #2: Amanda

Prize Pack #3: Jessica

Prize Pack #4: Autumn

Prize Pack #5: Megan

Bonus Swag Pack: Alexa