Naming my iPod: An Update

Last month I issued a request for a new name for my iPod after I decided its current name had negative energy or, possibly, was cursed. Several admirable suggestions were posted including Elroy, Magnus and Hilda.

That said, I knew I had specific criteria that had to be met. Since my iPod is pink a female name seemed like the obvious choice. Being a book blogger it also seemed right to have the name have some bookish connection. I was trying to decide if I could really name an iPod Hilda when Bad Pants made an obvious observation:

Based on our last blog-comment conversation, I would suggest Nick or Nora based entirely on the book and the iPod’s ability to create an “infinite playlist.”

And with that comment, a decision was made.

Ultimately I didn’t name my iPod Nick or Norah but Bad Pants made me think about Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and a fun fact about the book. Cohn and Levithan came up with the names from Nick and Norah Charles–the famous detective couple from The Thin Man movies of the 1930s and 1940s.

I LOVE those movies. Nick and Norah are the personification of glamour and smarts as they solve crimes in fancy clothes with an assortment of cocktails along the way.

William Powell is brilliant and charming while Myrna Loy, aside from being incredibly beautiful, is a perfect foil for Powell in every possible way. Really, I cannot overstate the joy these movies bring me when I watch them. I strongly urge you all to get the DVD from your library or check your local TCM listings for when one of the movies will next air.

Thinking about all of that, I knew that my new iPod had to be called Myrna–no other name would do.

So far Myrna and I are getting along quite nicely. I anticipate a long, lively friendship even if we do not end up solving any murders or drinking any cocktails (although there will surely be some fancy clothes).