An unusual request: Name my iPod

I have had an iPod steadily since I got my first beautiful pink iPod mini in high school. Most recently I got a 6th gen pink Nano for Christmas. I named it Mae after the pink-haired character in Sarah Rees Brennan’s Demon Lexicon series. Mae served me well until . . . she didn’t.

Mae broke earlier this summer and luckily was still in warranty so I could get a replacement. All was well except for having to reimport every single song onto the new iPod. I named the new iPod Mavis which is what Nick calls Mae in the series when she is being difficult.

Today Mavis also broke so I now have a totally impractically sized paperweight instead of a music player. Luckily the warranty is still in effect.

Anyway, having gone through two iPods with similar names I think it’s time to start fresh. But I have no naming ideas. So, I’m opening this one up for suggestions in the comments. Won’t you suggest a name for my replacement iPod (preferably with some book related name) and make me a very happy blogger?