Blog Fourth Birthday

As of this posting, is four years old. It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in front of the computer saying, gee I should start a blog. And here we are four years later! I’m not even going to mention what this blog started as because it has grown to be so much more thanks to my wonderful dear readers. While there are several “i”s in Miss Print, there is no “i” in blog. While I write the posts, this blog wouldn’t be anything without you, dear readers. Thanks for sticking with me and being awesome.

Here’s to another great year!

I’ll leave you with some end of year statistics (cumulative):

Total Pages: 5 (Hopefully these help you with navigation?)

Total Posts: 797 (+196)

Categories: 12 (once again up two from last year thanks to the addition of Author Interview and From Our Gift Cottage)

Author Interview (5)     Book Lists (11)     Book Reviews (312)     Chit Chat (244)     From our Gift Cottage (18)     Graphic Novel/Comic Book Reviews (6)     Linktastic! (45)     Non-Fiction Book Reviews (20)     Picture Book Reviews (19)     Quotes (125)     Random Polls (7)     Words of Wisdom (36)

Tags: 0 (I probably will never have tags–I just . . . they make my brain hurt)

Total Comments: 717 (about three hundred comments over the year, you guys rock!)

Widgets: 14

Total views: 64,987

Busiest day: 308 (June 2, 2010)

Total Spam Comments: 10,251 (almost double eek)

4 thoughts on “Blog Fourth Birthday

  1. Oh wow! I had no idea! Happy Four Years! (yes, obvious abuse of the exclamation mark, but I don’t care) :)

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