Author Interview: Myra McEntire on Hourglass

Myra McEntire author photoMyra McEntire‘s debut novel Hourglass comes out June fourteenth. Even since I heard about the book (and yes, saw the beautiful cover) I’ve been desperate to get my hands on it. So basically, Hourglass has been one of my most anticipated reads of 2011 and let me tell you, it does not disappoint! As excited as I am about this book I was delighted when Ms. McEntire agreed to take some time from her packed schedule to answer some questions for me.

Miss Print (MP): Before we start discussing Hourglass, which was such an exciting read, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your writing?

Myra McEntire (MM): I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and it took me thirty mumble years to do it. If you want to write, start now!

MP: I have to say Hourglass has one of my favorite covers from 2011 and, for me, seems to really capture the spirit of the Story and of Emerson. What did you think when you first saw the cover?

MM: I screamed. And then the nanny had to explain it to me. We couldn’t get it to stay sideways on my iPhone and it took me a bit to realize she was walking down the wall.

MP: What was the inspiration for Hourglass?

MM: I don’t have a specific inspiration. I just followed the story.

MP: Hourglass is a lot of things including a “time slip” romance and a fantasy. What drew you to this genre?

MM: I love the fantasy genre, the romance genre, and I loved movies like Somewhere in Time and shows like Doctor Who!

MP: What kind of research went into writing and plotting this story? Did you have a favorite (or least favorite) part to write?

MM: I researched a ton. I probably have three years worth of articles, shows, movies, etc. I knew I’d nailed it when a reader who knows the ins and outs of quantum physics said I got it right.

MP: At the start of Hourglass, Emerson is returning home to Ivy Springs—a small Southern town. Is Ivy Springs based on a real place? How did you decide where to set this story?

MM: It is! Franklin, Tennessee. I grew up in Tennessee, and we’re more than Elvis, Dolly, and country music!

MP: Throughout the story Emerson sees a lot of figures from the past including Southern Belles and soldiers among others. What figures from the past would you want (or not want) to see?

MM: Relatives. I have a lot of questions.

MP: Given the choice would you want to see the world the way Emerson does?

MM: I think so. I think it was harder for her because of extenuating life circumstances. She didn’t need any more freaky.

MP: What can you tell us about your next book? Will we be seeing more of Emerson and her world?

MM: I can’t tell you much, but YES.

MP: Do you have any advice to offer aspiring authors?

MM: DO IT. Don’t worry if you’re right or wrong, because the first time you’re always wrong. JUST WRITE.

Thanks again to Ms. McEntire for taking the time to answer my questions. Remember if you want to know more about Hourglass you can check out my review.