Building Hype: A Question for Book Bloggers AND my readers

This week I pushed the limits of how many books one person can acquire in a matter of days (thirty-four for anyone who’s counting). A lot of these books are ARCs that are not, in fact, published yet and will not be for a while.

As a book blogger I tend to wear many hats. One of those hats is basically a book cheerleader–if I like a book I want to build it up so that YOU, dear readers, will also read it and hopefully like it.

So the question becomes: How early is too early to start building hype?

If you are a book blogger what is your guideline for when to post a book review (how far in advance of the release date)?

If you are one of my readers, how early do you want to hear about a book?

Klickitat (courtesy of LizB) suggest no more than two months ahead of pub date. I think this is a good rule of thumb. Do YOU agree?

Share your thoughts so I can plan out how to read my newly acquired titles!


One thought on “Building Hype: A Question for Book Bloggers AND my readers

  1. Two months is probably about right. I’m a school librarian and I’m allowed to order books twice a year, but I keep a running list of titles I want. Book blogs help me add to this list, so hearing about titles a little bit before they are released is actually good because by the time I submit my order most books have been released and are still new and exciting to my students.


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