Magic Under Glass paperback, giveaway, etc.[CLOSED]

(Apologies for the lame post title. Titles are hard, you know?)

Last year I posted a review of Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore. (You can reread my review to hear about the book’s interesting cover history and why I loved it.)

Magic Under Glass was one of my favorite reads and also one of those books I really thought of as perfect. Everything just fit together, it was charming, it ended well–just perfect, you know?

So I want to take a minute to mention a couple fun things about Magic Under Glass.

  1. The paperback version of Magic Under Glass came out May 24 with its pretty newer cover (which has a lovely model who basically is exactly how I pictured Nimira).
  2. To celebrate this momentous occasion Jacklyn Dolamore herself is holding a giveaway for a paperback copy of Magic Under Glass with sketches of the characters AND hints about happenings in Magic Under Stone. (A runner up will get a UK copy of Magic Under Glass with a sketch of Erris and Nimira in the front.)
  3. Cooler still: If she gets 20 entries ARCs of Between the Sea and Sky will also enter the mix.
  4. Even cooler (for me anyway, maybe for you too): You enter the giveaway by reviewing Magic Under Glass (or creating some show of love for Magic Under Glass–go to the link below for details!).

You can get all the deets about her cool giveaway here:

I am obviously entering and if you have read Magic Under Glass and have something say about it, you should too!

Building Hype: A Question for Book Bloggers AND my readers

This week I pushed the limits of how many books one person can acquire in a matter of days (thirty-four for anyone who’s counting). A lot of these books are ARCs that are not, in fact, published yet and will not be for a while.

As a book blogger I tend to wear many hats. One of those hats is basically a book cheerleader–if I like a book I want to build it up so that YOU, dear readers, will also read it and hopefully like it.

So the question becomes: How early is too early to start building hype?

If you are a book blogger what is your guideline for when to post a book review (how far in advance of the release date)?

If you are one of my readers, how early do you want to hear about a book?

Klickitat (courtesy of LizB) suggest no more than two months ahead of pub date. I think this is a good rule of thumb. Do YOU agree?

Share your thoughts so I can plan out how to read my newly acquired titles!