From Our Gift Cottage: Blue China Cat’s Eye Necklace

This is a weekly feature exhibiting different handmade jewelry items available for sale at my mom’s Etsy shop: Diane and Emma’s Gift Cottage. (She’s Diane and I’m Emma. We make jewelry–together!)

This week I have a nice, long necklace made from Blue China Cat’s Eye beads:

This unique one of a kind necklace is made with China Blue Cat’s Eye 8mm (1/4 inch) Beads.
It is 40 inches long with a silver plated hook clasp that can be worn at the side as a lovely accent.
It is hand strung and hand knotted between each bead with strong jeweler’s thread.

The Cat’s Eye gemstone is found in China, India, Ceylon, Brazil and many other countries. It is easily identified by the band of light moving across the stone called the chatoyance, which can also be seen in other stones such as Tigers Eye. A gem having a white band of light is supposed to be best, which these beads do have.

The other great thing about this necklace is that it is, essentially, magic.

Let me explain:

Folklore says that Cat’s Eye gemstone jewelry should be worn when there are obstacles in business, fear of accidents and despair in life. It is said to bring strength, brightness, bravery, pleasure, bliss, and prosperity. Cat’s eye gemstone jewelry is also said to destroy sorrow, prevent poverty and disease and ward off calamities and protect one from evil spirits and hidden enemies.

So, in summary, this necklace is the luckiest piece of jewelery you’ll ever own.

This necklace is available for sale on Etsy.

We also have a matching bracelet for sale.

Don’t forget to check out the Gift Cottage’s full inventory for more great jewelry.


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