A decision and an announcement

After much deliberation I’ve decided to disband the Why Libraries Project (another blog I have here on wordpress).

Several factors went into this decision the first being blogs take a lot of time and I already feel like I’m stretched thin with Miss Print and my online book club among other commitments. I loved the idea of the Why Libraries Project but it also just never took off the way I had hoped it would.

I am grateful to everyone who supported the project in its infancy, especially to Nicki and The Bear for submitting to the project. It is, sadly, a fact of life that not all endeavors can be stunning successes.

The Why Libraries Project will be permanently deleted on Monday (March 20). If you were kind enough to link to the project on one of your own blogs, the link will become invalid on that date.

Things will continue running normally here on Miss Print–my decision with the Why Libraries Project will in no way affect this site.