Happy New Year!

I’m not going to talk about my version of 2010 or look back at 2009 where certain things took a bad turn. I don’t believe in resolutions.

But I wanted to wish you, my dear readers, a happy 2011. I don’t know how many of them read it, but I also wanted to wish my family, my friends from real life, the blogosphere, Twitter and probably a few places I’ve forgotten a happy, happy new year. The last couple of years have been epic and I’m truly grateful for the friends I have made in the past year, the friends I grew closer with, and all of the things that have reminded me how lucky I am. You, yes you, are wonderful. I am glad you, yes you right there, choose to spend some of your time at this blog with me. Thank you.

And I wanted to share some hopes of my own and things to look for. Think of them as some New Year’s Teasers, if you will.

  • The Cybils 2010 Shortlists were announced today. Which means I now have until early February to work with my fellow round 2 judges to pick a winner for the Teen Sci-Fi and Fantasy category. I’m excited but also a little nervous. Seeing the list was interesting. There were some surprises (both inclusions and what wasn’t included) and two titles that I genuinely has a premonition would be on the list. Go figure.
  • My book club is also still going strong. We’re in the midst of a Megan Whalen Turner Extravaganza. January’s book is The King of Attolia (questions pending). But here’s the cool thing: You have until FEBRUARY to join the discussion for the November and December books (The Thief and The Queen of Attolia). So get out there, get reading, and get talking at my book club. I’m biased because I love this series to death, but they really are not to be missed.
  • My mom and I make jewelry (mainly I design and my mom designs and creates). Mom also sells jewelry and is building up a handsome stock on Etsy. I have taken on the publicity end of things. Look for a new feature, hopefully weekly, featuring new inventory called From the Gift Cottage showcasing some of the lovely items available for sale. Again, totally biased, but we have some really nice stuff that (I think) some of you, dear readers, will really appreciate. You can visit Diane and Emma’s Gift Cottage on Etsy to see all of our inventory.
  • If you’re already thinking about Spring I can also reveal that I will be leading a month-long discussion at NYPL’s Reader’s Den later this year.
  • Finally, this summer something really, really exciting might be happening. But I’m superstitious and don’t want to jinx it so you’ll have to keep watching for that news ;)

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