Book Blogger Holiday Swap Gifts: In which I discuss my loot

This November I had the chance to sign up for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap. I sent out my gifts to my “santee” in late November and had a great time packing everything up and reading my santee’s blog for gift ideas. The funny thing, which I only discovered yesterday is that my santee was Martha from Hey, I Want to Read That and Martha was the secret santa for my friend Nicole over at The Book Bandit’s Blog who also participated. Just goes to show it’s a small world I guess!

Then last week I got my lovely Holiday Swap package. And all I can say is I hope everyone is as charmed by their gifts as I am by mine. A huge, massive, thrilled thank you to my lovely give giver, Andrea over at So Many Books, So Little Time for my fabulous package!

I love giving gifts and seeing reactions. But sometimes I also really like talking about gifts or hearing about gifts others received. So read on to see my lovely package . . . with pictures!

Here is the full group of wrapped packages:

(yes one says “Happy Holidays” upside down because I’m an idiot and didn’t turn it around for the picture.)

And here it all is unwrapped:

Now some close ups because I can.

This is my pretty card to add to my card collection (I save almost all of the cards I get, it’s getting out of hand but I can’t stand to part with any):

I got a nice pack of sticky notes with a snowman on them. I have a slight post-it problem (I used to save them after using them–no really) and love using them for everything from sticking notes on my computer to labeling books for review or giveaway, etc. Having pretty sticky notes is even better!

I also got a pair of fuzzy socks that kind of match the sticky notes that are excellent because it’s always very, very cold by my computer in the winter so I often wear socks and slippers. These are both festive and comfy.

And what’s a Book Blogger swap without books, right? I was very lucky to get not one but two nice books.

First I opened up a copy of Fly on the Wall by E. Lockhart. (With my favorite version of the cover–added bonus!)

It’s special for me because Fly on the Wall was the very first Chick Lit Wednesday Review on this blog back when I was still working out what CLW reviews would look like. It’s also the first book I read by E. Lockhart (and maybe my favorite because I *heart* Gretchen and the premise and the structure and, well, everything). Finally it is also one of my favorite books because I wrote a great booktalk for it.

Then I opened this book which actually caused me to gasp in surprise (and happiness):

Sender Unknown by Sallie Lowenstein is one of my favorite books of all time. I got it from my library back¬† when I was a page when the YA librarian at the time (none other than the illustrious Info Witch) recommended it to me. I read it and loved it. Then I went looking for it a few years later only to find that the library no longer had any copies and I assumed it was out of print and impossible to find. But lo and behold not only did my swapper give me a copy she gave me a new reprint paperback with a nice new cover design! I’m so excited to have a copy of this book to call my own–I can’t wait to get my “to read” pile under control so I can re-read it and give it a proper review here on the blog.

Once again a huge thank you to Andrea. These really were the perfect gifts :)

And Happy Holidays to all of you, dear readers. I hope you all get gifts as wonderful as these were for me!