The 50K Giveaway Bonanza: In which I make good a promise (soon)

Miss Print currently (as of writing this post, that is) has 49,588 hits/views.

As some of you might remember I made a promise back on March 1, 2010 that, basically, once the blog hit 50,000 views I would start a giveaway bonanza. At the time the blog had 28,000 views and 50,000 seemed very far away indeed. It’s very exciting to see this blog’s views almost double in just about nine months–you, dear readers, you rock.

Now that we are a mere 412 views away from that magical number, I can give you more details about how this is going to work.

The 50K Giveaway Bonanza (as it will now be officially known) will start the week after Miss Print tops over 50,000 views. (Like if there are 50,001 views by this Friday the Bonanza will kick off the next Monday.)

From that point on I will giveaway at least one book each week until I run out of books or money for postage, whichever comes first. There might be single books, there might be prize packs depending on my mood. Most of the titles will be advanced reader’s copies (ARCs) I have acquired while blogging. Some are discarded library books I rescued from work. Others are books I don’t remember acquiring but now have available to share with you, dear readers. What I can tell you for sure is I have at least fifteen books read right this minute to give away.

While the 50K Giveaway Bonanza will be an ongoing thing, each giveaway will be separate meaning you must enter each week. The giveaways will post each Monday, winners will be selected via random number generator with the help of Maple the Palm Pre and will be notified on the following Sunday. Then it all will start again.

The 50K Giveaway Bonanza will be open to anyone in the US. You don’t have to subscribe to the blog or do anything else BUT if you post about the giveaway on your blog/twitter and link to it in your comment, you will get an extra entry.

I will have a blog post about the giveaway each week but instead of sticking it at the top of the blog page I will also post a link to the current giveaway at the top of the page where my stats are located. (Right at the Number to Note/Holiday Book Swap area of my sidebar.)

In order for this magic to start, all you need to do is keep being awesome and keep reading the blog. If you’re reading this through an RSS feed or other subscription service, why not click over and help get us closer to 50,000?

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