Reading Without Remorse Redux

So, you might have noticed I take a strong stance on books and all reading being good reading.

That said, I want to formalize an idea that has been floating around for a while.

I’m going to make a semi-official book holiday. From here on out August 13 is going to be Read Without Remorse Day. Every Friday the Thirteenth will be a “mini” Read Without Remorse day. This will be a time to read unapologetically and freely from any genre (be it chick lit, classics, or non-fiction) and in any format (be it picture books, graphic novels, etc.).

It will be a time to remind those around you that reading is about quality instead of quantity, a time to remember that reading is supposed to be fun instead of hard. It will be a day to remember that all reading  should be created equal.

Who is with me?