Cybils Nominations are Live

Just a quick update for anyone who missed my big news:

I’m a Round 2 Judge for the Cybils in the YA Science Fiction and Fantasy Category. This is a book award given by book bloggers (like me!) to books nominated by anyone and everyone (like me, like you, like that guy standing over there–everyone!).

The Cybils nominations opened this weekend and will be open until October 15th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time. You can view the nomination form and nominate one book for each category listed. You also might want to check out the nomination guidelines. If you want to see what’s already been nominated, there is also a handy set of posts with up to the minute lists of nominees for each category.

I’d offer some suggestions for what to nominate but a lot of my top picks are already listed among the nominees.

Anyway, go forth and nominate your own favorites because a book can’t win until it’s been nominated.