Odds, Ends, and Random Poll #7

I have exciting NEWS to share with you, dear readers. But I can’t share it yet because I’m waiting for the official announcement. BUT it’s really awesome, so watch for it.

In other matters, I’ve been tweaking the site a bit and I also joined Amazon’s Associates program. The program is basically a referral and means that if you click a product link through my site I get a small percentage back from Amazon. I don’t know if it’s going to work with Miss Print in the long term and I haven’t even added any links yet (they will be clearly indicated in each post) but I’ve been looking into “next” steps for the blog and I think this might be one. That said this will in no way change anything about how I run the blog or how I write up reviews except that I will include extra links to books at the bottom of reiew posts.

In terms of tweaking I’ve also been wondering how you, my readers, are feeling about the widgets I have. Do you like them all? Do you use them all? Why not tell me in this Random Poll?

Any other thoughts about the sidebar and what’s useful? Tell me in the comments.

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