Blog Third Birthday

As of this posting, is three years old. The last year has been a rocky one and, honestly, I think having this blog as a constant helped get me through it. I’m not even going to mention what this blog started as because it has grown to be so much more thanks to my wonderful dear readers.

Here’s to another great year!

I’ll leave you with some end of year statistics (cumulative):

Total Pages: 2 (I lost a page over the course of the year so I either was counting the home page or I totally forgot something)

Total Posts: 601 (+163)

Categories: 10 (up two from last year thanks to the addition of Linktastic! and Random Polls)

Book Lists (8), Book Reviews (2220), Chit Chat (176), Graphic Novel/Comic Book Reviews (6), Linktastic! (33), Non-Fiction Book Reviews (19), Picture Book Reviews (15), Quotes (125), Random Polls (6), Words of Wisdom (31)

Tags: 0 (I probably will never have tags–I tried them again but they still don’t do what I want them to do so I just don’t see the point)

Total Comments: 407 (have I mentioned how awesome my readers are?)

Widgets: 9

Total views: 41,791 (+ 23,107!) subtract 18684

Busiest day: 80 (May 13, 2008 ) 114 (May 18, 2009) 308 (June 2, 2010)

Total Spam Comments: 5,595