Linktastic! Fun and Games Edition

Some links for your enjoyment:

  • Jane Austen’s Fight Club has been making the social networking rounds for a while now and I finally sat down to watch it. It was quite entertaining. (Keep in mind this is from someone who has never read or seen the original Fight Club so I can only imagine how much more the rest of the world who hasn’t been hiding under that rock with me will enjoy it!)
  • Who else grew up playing Oregon Trail every single chance they could? I loved that game and wish they would make a new version to work with Mac OSX. It’s not real, but I would totally go see Oregon Trail: The Movie. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Nostalgic to play the game again? Look no further. Just be careful fording those rivers. (This is totally insane but if you view the top 10 I’m the Miss Print that’s currently listed there. Is it weird that I’m crazy proud of that?)
  • Maybe you’ve heard already, but The Old Spice Guy loves libraries.
  • Do you have a literary crush? PIEharn lists a lot of her favorite literary characters (who are badasses) and I have to say it includes many of my favorites. How can you not love Alan, Gen, or Howl? (I’m not even going to mention Mr. Darcy because the idea of anyone disliking him is just silly.)
  • So, Firefly is this really popular cult classic show by Joss Whedon. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Ever wonder what it would look like if it were made in the 1980s? Here is the answer in the form of an Eighties style opener. I’m actually more partial to the original opener and its steampunk-y look–the intro song is actually living on my iPod right now because I love it so much. (Anyone else wish Adam Baldwin had a better show than Chuck to work on? I mean, come on.) Here’s an extended version because I wanted to hear the song again.
  • I recently went all in with Twitter and decided to completely delete my Facebook account. The PRepguide takes that idea one step further (sort of) and makes a case for putting your twitter handle on your resume.
  • I will leave you with 10 children’s book characters who need a sassy gay friend.