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Some Links for Readers

I’m not even sure how I found these (I think The Librarian Kate may have retweeted something about a link or some such). Anyway, I thought these might be useful for anyone looking to do some quick reader’s advisory or just looking for some rapid fire book recommendations for their own to read piles. The sites don’t do so well with cross-genre pairings, but then I’m sure you all know to come here and look at my possible pairings within each review when you want something like that!

  • First up we have we have Your Next Read. I like this site because it’s very visual with book cover images for each recommendation. The site is also very dynamic. You can rate recommendations, add your own, and bounce between books (be warned: it’s kind of addictive.) The site is a little wonky with multiple editions of the same book showing up separately, but if you search with title and author you usually get what you’re looking for with a few decent recommendations besides. Here’s an example for If I Stay by Gayle Forman since I was just talking about that with Lola. It’s a great tool to use in tandem with goodreads though sometimes (like every time but while I’m writing this) it works better than others.
  • A similar site is The Book Seer. This site is similar to the first but I found it a little less dynamic. It also gets annoyed when you don’t include an author so it’s not quite as quick and dirty as the Your Next Read. The recommendations are good for the most part (even for pre-pub titles) but it’s not as visual with only title and author for recs as can be seen in this example for City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare. It also includes a lot of titles from the same series. Like, I get that Wicked Lovely could be a good pairing for this book, that doesn’t mean I need every title in the series listed. You also need to type in every new title, no option to bounce around. The site supposedly recommends titles from LibraryThing (not my fave book site) but I’ve yet to see it actually return any results.

So, together with a site like goodreads or amazon (and my old standby KDL’s What’s Next Database) you should have everything you need here to be a regular reader’s advisory maven (which apparently can be used to refer to men and women, who knew?) even if you are outside of your genre comfort zone. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Neither site works very well with children’s books (YA books work fine, don’t ask me why). When I did a search on BookSeer for Nate Fludd books I got no results. YourNextRead only recommended other books in the series/by the author though that one you can add your own recommendations and conceivably thereby “fix” that shortcoming. YNR also sometimes randomly displays no recommendations but refreshing fixes that.

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