The Chicken Thief: A Picture Book Review

Fox sees Hen. Fox absconds with startled Hen. Outraged animals give chase to rescue Hen. Fox evades while holding onto Hen in The Chicken Thief (2010) by Beatrice Rodriguez.

If you think you know how this wordless story ends, think again.

Rodriguez’s large, detailed illustrations offer a different take on this seemingly familiar story showing, instead of a hungry fox, one who might have found a worthy companion.

The illustrations are a nice size and filled with humor and detail as the fox (and the hen) are chased over land and sea and even through a rather narrow tunnel along their journey. The colors are bright and the images will be easy to “read” for a variety of readers.

Rodriguez has reinvented a story with a fun, surprise ending here. The Chicken Thief is a promising debut to Enchanted Lion’s new Stories Without Words series.

*This book was received for review from the publisher, Enchanted Lion Books.*

3 thoughts on “The Chicken Thief: A Picture Book Review

  1. I am always amazing how wordless picture books can tell an amazing story. Thank you for introducing The Chicken Thief to me. I will be on the lookout for it.

    If you like wordless picture books, you should check out Flotsam by David Weisner. A longer version chapter book with extensive illustrations telling the story is The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Selznick.

    Pragmatic Mom


      1. It could be Stockholm Syndrome sure. I agree that, if that is the case, the book is creepy. I chose to read the book as the fox stealing the chicken not for a meal but for companionship which helps elminate some of the creepy dynamic.


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