Blog Book Giveaway: The Alpha Bet[CLOSED]

I have in my possession a signed copy of The Alpha Bet by Stephanie Hale to give away to a lucky reader in the US.

The book will either go to the first person to post or a randomly selected entrant (depending on if I get more than one entry in this giveaway). You can enter between now and June 19. The winner will be determined (and contacted) on June 20.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this post (with a valid email address where requested) with your favorite letter (and why if you want to entertain me at the same time).

If you cannot choose you may instead post your favorite punctuation mark but since that’s a really contentious area I must ask that you post why.

The winner, as selected by the random number generator on Maple the Palm Pre, is *drum roll* . . . . christine–Congratulations!

7 thoughts on “Blog Book Giveaway: The Alpha Bet[CLOSED]

  1. My favourite letter is ‘A’, because…

    1. that’s the first letter of my surname
    2. that’s what my parents want me to get in exams
    3. it’s the significance of a good student
    4. if there’s no ‘A’, words will be very limited
    5. that’s the letter I always use while playing Scrabble


  2. My favorite letter is x because:
    1. It’s in my name.
    2. It’s fun to write in script.
    3. It makes a funny noise when you put it at the beginning of a word, just to piss everyone off


  3. My favorite letter would have to be Z. Because…
    – It’s underrated.
    – It’s the last letter of the alphabet (obviously).
    – It’s my favorite letter to write.


  4. Many things that I like start with the letter C.

    – It is for charismatic which I am all the time.

    – the first letter of my favorite fictional character Clary (The Mortal Instruments)

    – is the first letter of my first name ;)

    – its the first letter for cat my favorite pet


  5. My favorite is S. It’s a snake’s sinister hiss. It turns one thing into lots. It’s suave and sexy, silly and smooth, and sometimes slightly strange. But always singularly sensational.


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