Some Steampunk Links

I think everyone knows by now that I love Steampunk in all of its shiny, clanky glory. Consequently I have several links to articles regarding that most distinguished of genres. (I actually have a real live friend who is currently planning a steampunk themed wedding which blows my mind because it’s so cool.) Here they are for your reading enjoyment (if you know of other articles about Steampunk, please let me know in the comments!):

The same way punk took back music, steampunk reclaims technology for the masses. It substitutes metal gears for silicon, pneumatic tubes for 3G and wi-fi. It maximizes what was miniaturized and makes visible what was hidden.

Why steampunk is back is hard to say. Perhaps it offers what SF could be starting to lose – a sense of wonder and, more importantly, the opportunity for a bit of fun.

Goggles, gaslights and gears, oh my! Steampunk is a steadily growing subgenre of speculative fiction. We review four current and forthcoming books that have been affixed with that label… in an elegant copperplate hand, naturally.

Hooked yet? Here are some links to help you enjoy your new steampunk lifestyle to the fullest:

  • Steampunk Emporium for all of your clothing needs. (I’m keeping my eye on this Frock Coat. And this is neither here nor there but there is also, among others, a Western Emporium.)
  • SteamPunk Magazine for the latest news and events.
  • Brass Goggles: A blog and forum devoted to the lighter side of all things Steampunk.
  • The Steampunk Tribune: Reporting on Steampunk since 2007
  • For me it’s not really a steampunk discussion without Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. So here’s a review of it from Steampunk Scholar.