Random Poll #6: Miss Print’s Post Synopses (or lack thereof)

I recently started displaying excerpts of posts in RSS feed format. Partly this was an experiment to get a better sense of how my lovely readers get to the blog and partly I am aware that although I try to stick to 500 words my posts are generally on the longer side of what is expected or “typical” for a blog. But I’m not sure how I feel about them.

So I’m asking you: Should I leave the RSS feed posts as excerpts? Vote in the poll below. (Bonus Question: Should I excerpt the posts on my actual blog or do you like reading them all from the home page? Tell me in the comments, but please say yes because I don’t want to change any old posts . . . kidding, mostly!)

Operation Library School Status: Complete

I’m done. I don’t have my diploma yet, but I have finished all of the requisite coursework for my lovely new master’s in library science. Now I just need to find a job (please do pass along any hints or postings you may!)

I’m pleased as punch but also a little out of sorts because this is the first time I have been out of school since I was 4 years old. Put another way, I’ve been in school one way or another for twenty years. And now I’m not. It’s a very weird feeling but also an exciting one.

I learned a lot in these two years about libraries and being a librarian, of course, but I also learned a lot about myself. I learned that I can do anything I set my mind to. I learned that library science really is not rocket science. And I learned that it is okay, and sometimes necessary, to just jump in head first (or feet first–which way does that expression go?).

This blog essentially started when I knew I would be applying to library school (I’ve come to think of it as the world’s longest writing sample) and now that I’m just about done, I feel like it also is starting a new chapter. It will probably be a chapter that looks very much like the previous one, but a new chapter all the same.

My main concern (like all of my fellow graduates *high fives them all*) is to find a librarian job. But now that I’m not in school I feel like I can have other plans to. For posterity (and to remind me when I slack on them all) those plans include:

  • Updating my website (not this one, my other one)
  • Finishing my novel (I was an English major before I was a librarian!)
  • Developing a writing habit (see above, also it’s time)
  • Submitting writing around (once I figure out where “around” would actually be)
  • New cross-stitch project
  • New crochet project
  • Getting rid of all the books sitting around my apartment waiting to be read (it’s time, especially since I can conceivably read all of them now . . . eventually)
  • Possibly starting an online bookclub through a wiki (this is very early stages and I need to touch base with people to get a better sense of where it’s going, but if you want to be a part of it, let me know in a comment)
  • My long promised book giveaway bonanza (so close, you guys! 33,350 hits as of this moment)

I have a few other things up my sleeve which I’m sure you’ll all hear about. For now, a big congratulations to any other graduates out there and to all of my dear readers still working through a degree, best of luck–soon you’ll be the ones waxing philosophical about that completed degree.