Some links and stuff: Cleaning out my bookmarks edition

I have a really bad habit of using xmarks to bookmark everything I find remotely interesting and proceed to not look at it for 6 months to a year. I’ve been having a problem putting together enough concentration to complete extended tasks, so I decided to make use of the short attention span by cleaning out my bookmarks. For your reading pleasure and general elucidation, here are some links that I decided needed to be added to my regular bookmark rotation (you probably know about all of them already because you actually read stuff when it appears instead of a year or so later!).

  • If you travel with people who like to micro plan, what better way to plot out all the details of your itinerary than with a Bathroom Finder site?
  • This might be old news but Library 101 is a project to help spread the word about libraries that are changing their profile (and how to do that). Not making much sense? They have a nifty song explaining it all.

Some other things worth seeing on Youtube:

Back to the non-Youtube stuff:

  • They Fight Crime! might give you the next great idea for a crime fighting duo. Bonus: librarians are sometimes mentioned. I have no idea why this site exists but I love that it does.
  • Spell With Flickr is pretty self-explanatory and generally amazing.
  • Save the Words by adopting a word at risk of being dropped from the English language.
  • I don’t really know anything about‘s capabilities, but it seems important so I’m posting it and maybe YOU can tell ME about it.
  • I haven’t spent enough time with The Usable Library as a librarian, but I plan to do better. I’m sure for all of my readers this is preaching to the choir, but it’s really nice to hear. Especially about the sane policies bit.
  • I leave you with a website that would have made my Sixth Grade math class a lot easier. Feel free to draw your own conclusions about what reveals about my math curriculum that year.

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