A reminder and a question

At time of writing, this blog has a grand total of 30,816 views. That’s more than halfway to 50,000! Which means you, dear readers, have fewer than 25,000 views standing between you and a giveaway bonanza. The way things are going, the ultimate give away should coincide with Miss Print’s Blog Birthday–keep up the viewing! I’m thinking one or two books a week until I run out of books or stamps (no promises as to which will come first).

In other news, I read an article about bad parents in YA Lit and am going to post a response once I have time to read it more thoroughly. My initial reading of the article got me thinking that I know a lot of YA books with what I would call awesome parents.

Then I got to thinking about the Unsung YA lists that Kelly hosted over at YAnnabe earlier this year.

THEN I started thinking about how I might want to put the two things together. I know a lot of my regular lurk and/or do not blog. But I need some feedback before I commit to this.

Bloggers, would you want to help me in my quest and show the world that YA lit has some awesome parents among the scary, neglectful ones getting all the hype from this article?

Readers: Do you care if YA books have awesome parents? Would you follow a bunch of posts about this?

Other comments, questions, overall concerns? Leave them in the comments below.