Site Updates

This is literally going to be the most boring post ever because it is just about technical changes to the site. You have been warned.

So. If any of you are planning on starting a blog on WordPress be warned that most themes do not accommodate a large number of pages in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Just, fyi.

Regular readers might notice my new review index page. That page has a list of all of the books I have reviewed on this site with links to the original review. The searchability of my site greatly decreased when I started posting possibly pairings in each review, so if you are looking for a specific review that might be a better way to find it. The page is still under construction because I have a lot more book reviews to add, but everything will be there eventually.

I have also updated the site theme to one that works better and just makes me generally more pleased with the site (the amount of time it took to find a satisfactory theme confirms that I will never be designing my complex website). I am still debating changing my header image–so if anyone has thoughts on that, feel free to chime in.

Also, another reminder: When the blog reaches 50,000 hits I will be hosting a few book giveaways, so keep reading.