Some links and a promise (not in that order)

First of all, Miss Print currently has 28,000 some odd views. That is both wonderful and astounding and a number that thrills me. But I think we can do better. And I do mean we because this blog would be nothing without my regular readers and commenters. So. Here’s the deal:

I have books to give away but I am also fond of round numbers. When Miss Print hits 50,000 views, I will be conducting a High Brow/Low Brow book giveaway bonanza. What does that mean exactly? I will definitely be giving away several books. I can’t say more until the give away starts. I have reinstated the narcissistic blog stats widget (titled “Number to Note” in the top right of the main page) so everyone is on the same page. Remember: 50,000 hits = really happy Miss Print = Free Books That is a promise!

Now for some cool links from the blogosphere:

  • Collecting Children’s Books has a fascinating post on unique Newbery/Caldecott Medal stickers (and literature bingo).
  • Jacket Knack led me to the brilliant Daily Drop Cap a sight providing free (beautiful) initials daily to use for your own blogging amusement. (See one in action.)
  • From 100 Scope Notes I offer a link to some children’s books that have been updated for the digital age. Apparently the Harriet the Spy Blog Wars movie is totally legit–why didn’t I already know about this? (I am both intrigued and worried.)
  • Also, from 100 Scope Notes: Ever wonder how R. L. Stine stays on top of his crazy busy publishing schedule? So does College Humor. (True story: One of my college English professors knows R. L. Stine. As she put it, “Ron” is a good friend of the family.)
  • Finally, an interesting editorial from Library Journal about paraprofessionals in the library AKA the non-library-school people who are vital to making a library a vibrant, efficient place for everyone. I’m personally fond of the term “library worker” for anyone and everyone who works in a library; working my way through library school as a clerk has made me really aware that it takes more than librarians to make a library work.

So, hope you enjoy the links and remember: When the blog tops 50,000 views I start giving stuff (books) away!