Will the Megan Whalen Turner fans please stand up?

If you don’t want to stand up, you can just read about this cool giveaway.

Turner’s newest book featuring Eugenides and the inimitable world he inhabits is due out in March. The new book is called A Conspiracy of Kings.

The publisher has posted an excellent book trailer on their blog. I actually felt quite geeky explaining that the dramatic music coming from my computer was, in fact, for a video advertising a book; it sounds ridiculous when you explain it out loud.

Anyway, that isn’t even the most exciting thing. The publishers are also giving away ten signed copies. But it’s not going to be easy. This ah-may-zing series doesn’t have a name yet. If you can come up with a name that Megan Whalen Turner herself likes, you might win a signed copy. That’s the gist but for specifics of entering read the full details.

I cannot actually think of a cool series name. But maybe you can. And maybe you’ll win. And then I can vicariously share your victory since you found out about the giveaway on my blog!

(Aso re: the post title: I hate all rap music and have never listened to Eminem but the wordplay just sort of smacked me over the head this time.)