Just another Manic Monday

Today I spent five hours with my mom in the hospital for many and varied follow-up appointments. (Specifically we were there from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.) After that, I headed home only to have to leave, on a similar commute, in three hours to go to work.

Work was rather eventful.

First, I acquired Lenny.

At first glance, Lenny is a Happy Meal toy from the movie Hotel for Dogs that I was graciously given by my coworker, Fanny. But he is actually much more. Lenny, I have decided, is kind of like a personal mascot for my time at work. Maybe even a companion to look on in approval when I have a good day. In short, he’s a keeper.

I also made a fabulous discovery today: You can make origami stars with scrap receipt lengths from the cash register if you let the receipt get long enough:

(I also painted my nails today–crimson!) This isn’t the best quality picture because webcams aren’t designed to take real photos, but you get the idea. I think it’s the coolest thing since whatever my last brilliant idea was. My coworkers were less impressed. That said, if you have a lot of cash register receipts piling up that you want to get rid of I would totally be willing to take them off your hands.

I also did some actual library work today too.

First a woman came in to check out books she had reserved. I didn’t recognize her at first. Then she said that one of the books was there thanks to me and I remembered. A month or two ago she came in wondering why her hold was never being filled. I investigated and discovered she had reserved the edition with the most copies. The problem being all of those copies were on order (in other words they were more theoretical than physical). I placed a hold for her on an edition with fewer copies but the copies were actually already in the system. And it worked. She was very happy to have her book and very happy that I had made it happen (more or less).

I helped a woman trying to download electronic audio books from the library. We didn’t reach any firm conclusions on how to fix her problem, but I think I laid a firm foundation and even the first couple planks of wood. We navigated the library website and I showed her how to find what formats the book will work in (something neither of us knew about previously). She wants the book on her computer or iPod, so hopefully that will work. If not, I think I even found a phone number for people who can help so I remain optimistic.

Then I helped a woman check out a bunch of picture books for her toddler who was sitting in his stroller. He was looking at me, so I waved and made exaggerated faces because that’s what you do with toddlers–it amuses them. It really amused him.

We had an impromptu game of hide and seek while I was checking out. He would hide behind the side screen of the stroller and pop his head out and look at me. I would then smile or make some other funny face. Or I would hide my face behind a book and peer at him over it. I probably looked very silly but he had a very good time. I remarked that he seemed very happy. The mother responded, a bit sadly, that he was always like that–except with her. When he was cranky. I sympathized and told her my mom had similar woes as I had severe colic as a baby.

So, that was my Monday*. I leave with a link to my favorite Monday song–the only song that’s ever made me wish it were Sunday, or consider that it might be my fun day. You’re welcome.

*I also tried to eat a diabetic friendly pumpkin bar I had made earlier that had gone bad without my noticing, but I’m trying not to dwell.