How I spent my Friday the 13th (and the rest of my vacation)

From the ninth to the thirteenth of November I had what might be called a working vacation. After the thirteenth I was plain old working/busy which is why I’m only posting about this now.

Anyway, I was off from work but still had classes. My mom and I hammered out all of the Christmas decorations in this time. I also attended classes because, miraculously, I was not sick on my vacation for once. And on Thursday I did something really different: I was a guest speaker at a Queens College Library School class that my friend/colleague “Sarah” about two of my favorite pastimes: Blogging and Asking People Random Questions About Their Careers of Choice.

The result is the mysterious new project I’ve been talking about in my latest random poll (more about that soon, promise!).

Friday the thirteenth was very pleasantly spent relaxing at home and shopping at The Container Store’s righteous Christmas Wonderland where I had a unique encounter that can be read in a subsequent post.