Good riddance to bad rubbish

October is over! Who else is thrilled to see the backside of that month? It doesn’t really matter because I’m happy enough for all of us.

Even Halloween was lame. I dressed up as the Mad Hatter and I’m pretty sure at least two of my coworkers couldn’t tell I had on a costume. Another coworker was dressed as Bat Girl and was really happy (Hallelujah levels I mean) to see one other person dressed in a costume. We didn’t have a special Halloween program or anything. I had wanted to stop at my previous place of employ to see if there were any good costumes but I decided I couldn’t deal with the possibilities of A) witnessing another branch with a lame Halloween going on or B) witnessing a branch that pulled together an awesome Halloween the year I was not working there. (I still don’t know which it was, but I suspect it was B.)

Then the Halloween Parade was waterlogged and the TV coverage was lame too. I love Roger Clark and I love New York 1, but I missed John Sciumo as the host. Paul Rudnick was kind of ridiculously funny as the co-host but it just wasn’t the same. (Although George Whipple appeared to be drunk, high, or both during the ENTIRE parade as illustrated by his manhandling a live llama . . . so that he could kiss it. On. The. Mouth.)

I’m really looking forward to November and 2010 because, frankly, I can’t imagine how things could go anywhere but up from this point.

I have in fact already seen some improvement. I have been reading an obscene number of really awesome books. My tuition bills are paid up til next semester. I won a scary but awesome Goth Girl Minimate. I’m going to be a guest speaker at a class (yes, really!). And I’m registered, in the classes I wanted, for my final semester of library school.

I am also happy that I have had a chance to start decorating for Christmas. Because after the way the rest of 2009 has gone, I want Christmas to be perfect even if it kills me (although hopefully it won’t come to that.)

Improvements aside, I obviously still have very little in the way of content for the blog because I have drained all of my content reserves. Things will be back on track soon.