“I am. It gets lonely sometimes.”

Mother and her two daughters are at the library checking out New Moon:

Miss Print: “So are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward?”

Daughter #1: “Team Edward!”

Mother: “Is anyone really on Team Jacob?”

Miss Print: “I am. It gets lonely sometimes. He’s a lot more fun and cheerful.”

Daughter #2 nods (I’m the only one who noticed).

I also have definitive proof in the form of a poll from The Book of Face that, despite his obvious superiority, most of the world* does not support Team Jacob:

Scientific Poll Edward vs. Jacob

*World here referring to everyone on The Book of Face that voted in that poll

6 thoughts on ““I am. It gets lonely sometimes.”

    1. *high five* Being on Team Jacob is one of the main reasons I couldn’t bring myself to bother reading the whole “saga”.


  1. Ah, well, Bella wasn’t good enough for him anyway. :) How far along did you make it? I enjoyed the Bella/Edward storyline, but I liked the Jacob/werewolves part even more.


    1. I read Twilight. I skimmed the leaked draft of Midnight Sun. And I plan on watching the movies. I also read about the plots on Wikipedia and an article about the series in Bitch Magazine. It took a week to work Twilight “out of my system” and I decided I just couldn’t do it for three more books–especially knowing Edward gets the girl! (Edward was a real jerk in my opinion which if you read Midnight Sun is only confirmed even more.)


      1. Yes, I read Midnight Sun, and yes, I really liked it. I do enjoy the books… I even like Edward, in his own way. But Jacob and his pack are by far my favorites. There’s a lot of fun dialogue between Jacob and Edward in Breaking Dawn (fun because they hate each other, and fun because that part of it is told from Jacob’s point of view, and he’s incredibly fun to listen to).

        I will be going to New Moon on opening weekend (though not opening night), but I will be wearing a Jacob shirt, and probably also the Jacob bracelet that I made. So I guess I am part of the Twilight-fangirl craze… and I’m perfectly okay with that. :) But I also like hearing your side of things, too.

        Sorry, this sort of turned into a ramble…


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