Wake me up when September ends

Let’s talk about my month so far:

My last day at MU was September 4. I was sick from then until this week. My mom is also sick, probably from me, but with much worse symptoms. We think it was either an early case of the flu or a minor case of the swine flu. Either way the Labor Day weekend totally sucked. We spent most of it in bed.

I started at my new place of employ on the eighth. Being my first day, I dragged myself in because there are few things that make a worse impression than missing your first day of work. After work, I had to head to class where I ate a late lunch to tide me over.

Lunch consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I discovered was moldy–by eating the part with the mold on it (and thankfully a donut I had bought earlier). I am not joking or exaggerating when I say that was the highlight of my week.

That brings us to 09/09/09 a day that I will not soon forget.

I woke up to discover I had a bit of a relapse and was too sick to go to work. (Later events would also render the idea of going to class impossible.) I ordered breakfast for Mom and myself and used my credit card to pay for it. The restaurant called back and said the card was declined. I used one of Mom’s card to charge the meal and then called my card provider to figure out what had happened.

Apparently my card was fifteen dollars over its limit–a fact that, left to their own devices, it seems my credit card company had no intention of sharing with me.

Further investigations would reveal that I was over the limit because a disputed charge from June had been rebilled–again without notifying me–after I received correspondence saying that the dispute was closed and my money had been refunded (more about the dispute will come later when it really is settled).

While looking all of that up online I also learned that one of my textbooks had been deemed “undeliverable” by the Post Office. So they took it back to be dropped off at my local post office. I called both the local post office and Amazon and no one could locate the book.

Worried that the book would never appear, I ordered another copy from an independent seller on Amazon. The “undeliverable” copy arrived the next day in perfectly deliverable shrink-wrapped condition (as it should have for 85 dollars). To add insult to injury when the would-be-replacement copy arrived it proved to be a used library copy with the corresponding stampings and inserts (it had cost 84 dollars and was promptly returned).

Then I went to check another email account. In addition to posting reviews on this blog I also cross-post on Amazon and Goodreads. I don’t use my full name on either site for security reasons. I’ve never put much thought into this because the reviews are all mine anyway.

Unfortunately not everyone knows that.

My review of Ella Enchanted on Goodreads had received a vehement comment from a user accusing me of plagiarizing a scholarly article that her friend had written in college. The problem? I was her friend. I had written the scholarly article. I had been accused of plagiarizing myself. This matter was soon resolved and I do appreciate that there are people out there looking out for my interests.

All of this was followed by a night of sleeping very badly.

I woke up Thursday exhausted and, again, had to call in sick at work. But instead of resting as I had hoped to spend the day I had to wait three hours at a DOCS clinic to get a doctor’s note so that I could return to work the next day. The good part is the clinic is across from MU so I was able to see all of my former coworkers and vent to Tori at length.

So, theoretically, I’m do for an up swing. On the bright side, I feel totally invincible now.

(Interestingly, a review of previous posts confirms that I always have terrible karma in September which is something better known now rather than later I suppose.)