So long farewell, auf weidersehen to MU

After the Labor Day long weekend I will have a new place of employ (same system, still a library clerk). The reasoning behind the move is complicated and would bore you, but it felt like something worth mentioning mainly because my transfer will mark the end of my punny titles. I will miss them. And I bet you will also. Because let me tell you, there is no way to make EP punny (I’ve discovered this is true with most library acronyms–who knew?).

It’s been an eventful year and hopefully more cool things are in store at the new place which I visited and seems pretty nice. I was going to commemorate the big move by making action figure descriptions of all my coworkers but then decided it was probably better to just walk off into that proverbial sunset.

It wasn’t the smoothest of roads, but I feel like I’ll be leaving MU with some of my first really professional contacts–people who’ve only ever known me as a library school student. I also learned something valuable about friends during my time there. You can decree and declare as many BFFs as you want; some of them might even stick and become real friends. Or you might just have an ironic BFF. But true friends, the kindred spirits you so often hear about, can’t be declared or forced. They just happen. I am truly grateful to have met some such people because of my time at MU.

So long, MU. Thanks for the laughs. And the other stuff too.