The Ten Stages of Twitter

  1. You hear about Twitter from a friend or in the news. Intrigued, you file the information away for future use.
  2. Twitter keeps coming up but you still have no idea what it means. You ask a friend on Twitter to explain it to you. The idea of posting updates about your day in 140 characters or less sounds ridiculous. So does the idea of Facebook status updates minus the Facebook part.
  3. You discover a friend (or famous person’s) Twitter account. Intrigued, you being to read their updates by visiting the site periodically.
  4. After going through this for a week or two, you decide it might be time to join Twitter and see what it’s all about for yourself.
  5. Having joined Twitter it seems likely that you will never have anything interesting to say ever again. (You also have no followers.)
  6. Your Twitter self feels lonely, so you find the friend (or famous person) who inspired you to join Twitter and start following their updates. Some exploring leads you to the Twitter accounts of other interesting friends (or famous people).
  7. You’re starting to get the hang (and even the point) of Twitter. But you don’t understand how people spend entire days on the site. You check every evening or so and update a bit then.
  8. You discover Twitterfox, Tweet Deck, or some other programs that allow you to update Twitter from your internet browser window, desktop, or even your phone. You’re not sure how you  lived without these programs. You waffle between protective your updates and leaving them visible to the public.
  9. You start networking and chatting with the friends (or famous people) you have found on Twitter getting useful advice on everything from books to electronic purchase as well as some other unexpected bonuses.
  10. The next time someone asks for an explanation of Twitter, you’re the one doing the explaining.